Karpathos has 160 kilometers of coastline and countless beaches for all tastes. Pristine, wild waters and sandy beaches of exotic beauty, organized and not, will satisfy all visitors. The only sure is that everyone will enjoy sun and sea to the fullest.


Afoti is an extension Pigadia beach and it's a rather long and wide sandy beach gathering a lot of people as it is in close proximity to the island's capital. There are places that are fully organized but also places where you can enjoy your bath relatively calmly. Several places to eat, coffee or drink are nearby.


A beach with wonderful blue crystal clear waters which consists of fine pebbles and sand. During summer it's overcrowded with sunbeds and there is little space to spread out your own gear. It gathers a lot of people as it's relatively close to Pigadia, while it also has a tavern where you can have lunch or get water and refreshments.

Kato Lakkos

Access to the beach is on foot, as the road reaches the village of Katodio. It consists mainly of sand and fine pebbles, while in a few places it has large stones. The pine trees reach all the way to the beach and there is no organization at all, so it's a good idea to bring with you the essentials.

Kyra Panagia

This is one of the well-known beaches that of course it's organized while you can find several restaurants, bars and accommodation in the surrounding area. It has wonderful clear blue waters, fine sand and pebbles. If you want to avoid the crowds, you should visit the beach in the afternoon, as in the morning it is bustling with people.


It's one of the most popular, if not the most popular beach on the island, as it has twice been voted the best beach in Europe. The beach consists of white sand and pebbles surrounded by tall cliffs full of pine trees while of course the waters are crystal blue! It's well organized and gathers many bathers in the summer months. If you want to enjoy the magnificent scenery in relative quiet, then you should probably come early in the morning or late in the afternoon.


It is perhaps the most touristic area of the island with several luxury hotels and complexes of rooms for rent as well as plenty of restaurants. Amoopi is not actually a beach, but an area with several beaches that are all protected from the summer heat. They are an ideal destination for families with children as they are fully organized and shallow beaches.

Christou Pigadi

A wonderful beach located about ten kilometers south of Pigadia and consists of fine pebbles. It has sunbeds and a small tavern. Although it's not one of the most famous beaches here, it gathers a large amount of people during high season.


The most exotic beach of the island with fine white sand and shallow clear blue waters, is located south at a distance of 19 kilometers from Pigadia where in the last kilometers you will find a passable dirt road. In essence, these are two beaches separated by a strip of sand which are organized with sunbeds and quite crowded. There is a canteen on site to get coffee, drinks and snacks.

Michaliou Kipos

The beach is located in the area of the airport and consists of sand and small pebbles. Here you will find a landscape of wild beauty with wonderful caves decorated by thousands of shells.


Araki is a unique beach with wonderful wild waters and few sunbeds, without a canteen or tavern. It does not gather a lot of people, so it is a good choice for those who are looking for relaxation and tranquility.


In one of the most touristic areas of Karpathos we find three beautiful beaches with fine white sand and crystal clear waters. They are organized, while in the area you will find several shops for coffee or food. Due to the tourist infrastructure of the area, the beaches gather a lot of people.

Agios Minas

One of the most beautiful beaches of the island is Agios Minas located on the north side of the island near Mount Olympus. The road to get to the beach is relatively difficult but definitely worth the trouble. The beach is paved with flat dark pebbles and deep crystal clear waters, while it has a few sunbeds. It took its name from the homonymous church located at the top of the hill and offering a panoramic view of the Aegean.


A beach quite similar in morphology to Agios Minas and quite long in length. The difficult three-kilometer dirt road, as well as the fact that it's far from the touristic parts of the island, are the reasons why Nati gathers only few people. It's completely deserted without any organization, so it's imperative to have the necessary supplies with you.

Certainly there are still several beaches in Karpathos worth visiting such as Damatria, Agios Theodoros, Agios Nikolaos in Arkasa in the south, but also Agios Nikolaos - Spoa, Agnodia, Papa Mina and Vananda in the north.