Armenia, in the heart of Eurasia

Armenia is not a very well-known country to most of the world, yet, it's a place with unique history and culture. It's an outstanding religious destination and more, with plenty of natural landscapes, world heritage sites, wonderful people and incredible gastronomy. Despite the difficulties after the dissolution of the Soviet Union but also due to its geographical location, Armenia's effort to develop is admirable, slowly turning Yerevan into a state-of-the-art capital.

In this section you will find general information and historical data about the country.

Being the first country to adopt Christianity, most of Armenia's attractions have to do with religion. Beyond that you will find archaeological sites, stunning natural landscapes and interesting towns and villages waiting to be discovered.

Armenian cuisine is particularly delicious and exuberant, with several traditional recipes passed down unchanged from generation to generation. You will find many common elements with the cuisines of Lebanon and Turkey, as they are geographical adjacent countries.

Here you will find many products to take back home, such as wooden crafts, jewelry, dried fruits, cold meats and the famous Armenian brandy.