In Armenia you will find many interesting places to visit and get to know the centuries-old history of this place. The country's attractions are scattered all across the country and since it is a mountainous country the road network can certainly tire you out. Of course, the natural landscapes, the picturesque villages, the beautiful cities, the special monasteries and the hospitable people will reward you even more.


Yerevan is a city particularly developed in recent years and has nothing to envy from several big cities. Start your tour at Democracy Square with its magnificent fountains and the country's historical museum, then head north via Northern Avenue towards the imposing Opera House with the final destination being the unique Cascade complex or if you have more to give, walk until the Victory Park where the statue of Mother Armenia is located. The city has a wealth of excellent museum spaces such as the Matenandaran with its rare manuscripts, the National Gallery and the Museum of Modern Art. It's worth visiting one of the factories where the famous Armenian brandy (Ararat, Noy) is produced. Finally, you should not miss Tsitsernakaberd hill, where the Armenian Genocide Memorial and Museum are located.

In Yerevan you will find excellent restaurants to taste the delicious Armenian cuisine and more. Scattered in the city you will find nice coffee places for coffee, tea or a snack during your walk. A good spot where you can find a wide range of authentic pieces of Armenian culture is the Vernissage open-air market in the downtown of Yerevan.


This is the cultural capital of Armenia and its traditional architecture with the rich history will make any tourist fall in love with this city. The starting point should be Vartanants Square, as it's located in city center and right next to the historic Kumayri district. Aside from its picturesqueness, Gyumri has many things to see such as the black fortress, the museum of national architecture and urban life, the museum of Sergei Merkurov, the house-museum of the poet Hovhannes Shiraz and many more outstanding cultural points of interest. Another picturesque spot in the city is the open-air shuka market with products from local producers, such as spices, fruits and vegetables.

Sanakhin and Khagpat Monasteries

The Sanakhin and Khagpat Monasteries are considered as treasures of Armenian architecture and are located in the northern part of the country, quite close to the borders with Georgia. The two monasteries have attracted many tourists in recent years as more and more tourist agencies include them in their program. These places were important educational centers during the Middle Ages. They belong to the Armenian Apostolic Church and are among the few places which have several Khachkars; characteristic of medieval Christian Armenian art. Sanahin and Khagpat monasteries have been included in the UNESCO list as World Heritage Sites.

Zvartnots Archaeological Site

The Cathedral of Zvartnots is a 7th-century, quadrangular-style Armenian Church, built by order of the Catholic Nerses the Builder between 643-652. It's located very close to Yerevan International Airport on the outskirts of Vagarsapat city. In the archaeological site you will find the ruins of the ancient temple and a small archaeological museum.

Etchmiadzin Cathedral

Etchmiadzin Cathedral is the cathedral of the Catholic Church of Armenia and is located in the city of Vagarsapat, about 20 kilometers west of Yerevan. It was built between 301 and 303 by Saint Gregory the Illuminator and is considered the oldest cathedral in the world. The entire religious community of Etchmiadzin is one of the most important sites in Armenia and is also called the "Vatican of Armenia", and since 2000 it has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Dilijan, the "Switzerland of Armenia", so called by the locals call, is a picturesque town with traditional Armenian architecture and beautiful natural landscapes, which is about 100 kilometers from the country's capital. Main attractions in the area are Dilijan National Park and Haghartsin and Matosavank monasteries. In the city's picturesque streets you will find several shops with handicrafts made by local artisans. 

Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan is the largest water place in Armenia and Caucasus area. It's located at an altitude of about 1,900 meters and is one of the largest alpine lakes in Eurasia. It's about 65 kilometers far from the capital and essentially considered to be a summer destination for Armenians since the country has no access to the seaside. In addition to swimming and water sports there are several interesting places that you can visit such as the Sevanavank monastery with its wonderful view of the lake or the medieval cemetery of Noratus with about 900 Khachkars (Armenian cross stone or Armenian cross stone) which due to their symbolism and craftsmanship they have been included in the list of UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Temple of Garni

One of the country's main tourist attractions is the ancient temple of Garni, also in the UNESCO World Heritage List and it's about an hour east of Yerevan. It is a Hellenistic temple built in the first century AD and is the only building of its kind left, not only in Armenia but in the entire former Soviet Union.

Tatev Monastery

Tatev Monastery is a historical monument built in the 9th century on a large basalt plateau, near the village of Tatev in southeastern Armenia. It's one of the oldest and most famous monastic complexes in the country. During the Middle Ages, the Monastery was an enlightening and spiritual center, playing a decisive role in the country's history. Apart from the Monastery there are other places worth visiting in the surrounding area, such as the abandoned villages of Old Khot and Old Shinuhayr and the Devil's Bridge (Satani Kamurdj), an interesting site to visit with superb natural surroundings for a cool dip. Since 2010, the "Wings of Tatev" has been connecting the village of Khalitsor with the monastery; a cable car that covers a route over the gorge of the Vorotan River, 5.7 kilometers long.

Armenia has many more interesting places worth visiting such as the Noravank Monastery in the Amagu Valley, the Khor Virap Monastery with its unique view of Mount Ararat, the Aberd Fortress, the Armenian Alphabet Monument and the Sagmosavank Monastery located above the gorge carved by the Kasagh River.