Kasos, the authentic Aegean cornerstone

This small island of Dodecanese is an excellent destination for those who want peaceful vacation, away from mass tourism. It's an authentic traditional Greek island where you will find beautiful spots to enjoy the sea and the hospitality of the residents.

In this section you will find general information and historical facts about the island.

Despite its small size, Kasos has several places that are definitely worth visiting, such as monasteries, museums and picturesque villages.

This small island doesn't boast an abundance of beaches. Yet, you can find beautiful places to enjoy the crystal waters.

Αs all Greek islands, Kasos also provides you several options to see more beautiful places on the surrounding islands, but also go by boat to hard-to-reach beaches on the island.

Kasiot cuisine is quite rich and particularly tasty, since it has been influenced by both Crete and neighboring Egypt.