Kasos belongs to the Dodecanese Island complex; located between Crete and Karpathos and is about 220 nautical miles from the port of Piraeus. The capital of Kasos is Fry, where the island's modern port is also located.

The small island of Kasos contributed a lot to the revolution of 1821, since it gave almost all its marine force to fight against the Turks. Ιt was a great naval power at that time. The Cassiotes participated in many military operations with particular success, such as in Kastellorizo, Cyprus and Crete. For this reason, the Egyptian fleet attacked Kasos in 1824, where after great battles and hundreds of losses Turkish power was again imposed on the island, forcing thousands of residents to leave. In 1912 Kasos was under Italian occupation, until 1948, when it was re-integrated with the rest of the Dodecanese in Greece.

You can travel to Kasos by air from Athens via Karpathos, Sitia or Rhodes, but also by ferry from the port of Piraeus, where the journey is long and takes between 19 - 24 hours depending on the chosen route.