Lebanon, the land of the Phoenicians

Lebanon is a country so different but at the same time so familiar, with a huge history from ancient times to the present day. You will not see hordes of tourists in the long-suffering Lebanon, as the recent past and fragile tranquility contribute negatively to the image of the country, which, however, has a lot to give to visitors. Ancient cities, great museums, wonderful people and unique cuisine are some of the reasons that will make you love this wonderful country of the Middle East.

In this section you will find general and historical information about the island. 

Lebanon may be among top destinations but it certainly has a lot to offer any visitor. Ancient and modern cities, Roman monuments, places of exceptional natural beauty but also monuments betraying the turbulent past of the country, are some of the places worth discovering in this small but very beautiful country of the Middle East.

Lebanese cuisine is one of a kind; famous, colorful and tasteful. Food is an important reason to visit the country and in Lebanon you will enjoy it.  

Some of the products you could buy in Lebanon are the wonderful syrupy sweets and the excellent wines of the Bekaa Valley. In Beirut you will also find very nice shops with beautiful oriental handicrafts.