Ireland, nature at its finest

A country of amazing natural sceneries but also beautiful cities is waiting for you to explore! The long-suffering land of Celts is very welcoming with great history. Irish adore music, beer and scotch. Endeavor a trip to the land of legends and wild nature to get teemed with memories and scenes from mysterious places. 

In this section you will find general and historical information about the country.

Ireland is one of the few countries that its cities, even though beautiful, are not the main reason to visit it. Here you will find medieval castles, precipitate cliffs, lakes and wide lush gardens. 

Although Ireland is not a classic gastronomic destination, you will eat well and drink even better, as here is being produced some of world's finest scotches and the widely known Guinness beer.  

It is worth buying Irish scotch, CDs from street musicians, wooden goods and many fine quality stuff