Thinking about Ireland you definitely not consider it as a classic gastronomic destination, yet you will find delicious traditional recipes that will fill you up. In Irish cuisine the potato holds a prominent place and you will find it in almost every dish.

Irish stew

Dublin Coddle

It is a traditional Irish dish that you can encounter it everywhere, consisting of lamb, potatoes, onions and parsley, but you can also find it with beef or pork.


The boxty is essentially a potato pancake filled with meat or fish, cabbage and sauce. This is definitely something unusual and definitely worth a try.

Irish breakfast

The Irish really eat a good breakfast. It consists of eggs, sausages, fried bacon, black or white pudding, beans and soda bread.

It is considered one of Ireland's national dishes and served in Dublin pubs to accompany the huge amounts of beer consumed by the Irish. These are pork sausages and bacon, boiled with potatoes and onions. It is slowly boiled for several hours. 

Irish Bread (Arán sóide)

Traditional Irish bread is made with simple ingredients using only soda, which is activated with sour milk instead of yeast. It hardly kneads at all, only to unite the materials. This bread is mainly consumed hot with melted butter. It also ideally accompanies traditional stews.

Besides traditional food, Ireland has also a strong tradition on alcoholic beverages. The world-renowned Guinness beer and fine Irish whiskeys are the hallmarks of this island country.

Guinness Beer

This product has been linked to Ireland as much as no other is Guinness beer and not unjustly. It is the largest selling stout beer in the world. The roasted barley added during the fermentation renders its characteristic black color. What makes it unique is the excellent texture, which is due to the nitrogen, as opposed to most beers that use carbon dioxide.