Jordan, an Orient taste

Jordan lies in Middle East, between Syria, Iraq, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Yet, unlike its neighborhoods, is a safe country and pretty welcoming. A trip to this place will take you back in time and captivate your senses. What you will face is extraordinary, from delicious food to seductive scents. Jordan people are really hospitable, funny and happy, something that you will realize the moment you step your foot in this country. So, let yourself into this magic place and leave one of the most remarkable trips of your life. 

In this section you will find general and historical information about the country.

Petra is one of the reasons to be in Jordan! Yet, this land has a lot to offer than Petra alone, from wonderful sights to day out shopping, diving into Red Sea or spa in Dead Sea. 

One thing is certain; you will definitely not stay hungry in Jordan! East flavors will not leave you indifferent. Whether you adore sweet or savory, you will surely find unique tastes to be remembered. 

Get lost in Amman's market and let yourself go in city's colors. Spices, jewelry, fabrics and many more will please you. Make bargains and feel like real Orientals.