Jordan kitchen is delicious and admittedly you don't need a food guide! Wherever or whatever you decide to try would definitely be splendid. You will find recipes, most probably already been tasted, like falafel, humus, kebab, shish taouk and many more wonderful dishes. Jordan people adore meat, with the exception of pork, and you may taste it in various ways but most often spicy. Besides meat, they have dishes like tabbouleh, fattoush, baba ganoush (eggplant with tahini paste). Since you will be in a country of Middle East you should definitely try tea, fine quality tea in fact! Also, is it worth trying fresh juice from the street or refreshing lemonade with spearmind. 


Mansaf is a national dish made of lamb, cooked in yogurt sauce with rice as a side dish, also containing spices and nuts. It is served on a big round plate. 

Coffee with cardamom

You should not miss trying this traditional coffee roasted on embers. This blend contains also cardamom that gives coffee a very special and intense flavor, really worth trying as it is totally different yet interesting taste. 


Given that we wrote about Jordan national food, we can't omit their national dessert, the unique kunefe. It is a syrupy sweet based on buffalo cheese and kadayif (crushed dough) dipped in syrup. Consume it when it's still hot. Best kunefe in Jordan is in Habibah pastry shops, in Amman's city center.