Ireland is an island located in northwestern Europe consisting of the Republic of Ireland with its capital in Dublin and Northern Ireland with its capital in Belfast. One belongs to the European Union and has Euro as a national currency, while the second belongs to the UK and pound is its currency. The climate is humid from the ocean, with frequent rainfall keeping extensive meadows green throughout the year. English is the dominant language, but the official national language is Irish which originates from Celts. 

The Celts of Ireland had developed a remarkable culture, which Saint Patrick also witnessed as he traveled there to spread Christianity. That is why nowadays the Irish still have a close relationship with Celtic culture. The Irish Democratic Army is based in the island, whose primary purpose was the complete independence from Great Britain and equal treatment of Protestants and Catholics, and subsequently the attachment of Northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland. The patron saint of Ireland is Saint Patrick, whose memory is celebrated on March 17th. St. Patrick's Day is the most popular celebration amongst many countries than any other national holiday.

Ireland is approximately 4 hours far from Greece.