Wherever we are, we will always seek traditional things to buy, whether for us or for our loved ones. In Ireland you will find several traditional products such as whiskey, wool, CD's with excellent Celtic music etc.

Aran sweaters (Aran Jumper)

These are premium quality wool knitwear, manufactured in the Aran Islands, in the western part of Ireland. Fishermen's sweaters, as they call them, have an amazing texture, braided with complex designs and plaits all over the front and back, but also on the sleeves.

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Irish whiskey

Whiskey is the king of spirits, as it has conquered the whole world, and since you are in the country that first produced it, it is worth buying at least one bottle. Coming from the Celtic language whiskey is the Uisge Beath that means "water of life". Some of the brands you will find on the island are Jameson, Powers, Teeling, Bushmills, and Tullamore D.E.W.

Souvenirs from Guinness brewery

One of Ireland's trademarked brands is Guinness beer, so in case you want to buy something really Irish you can do so inside the Guinness Storehouse's boutique. You will find plenty of good quality t-shirts, coasters, magnets and many more stuff.

Products carrying the Irish clover 

Clover is considered a symbol of good fortune worldwide and holds a special place in Celtic culture. That is why you will find it everywhere and in many forms in Ireland.