Gastronomically, Kasos is truly a top destination, as the island's cuisine is influenced by Crete, the Dodecanese, but also by the places where the Kasiotes chose to migrate in search of a better life, such as Egypt.

The island has an excellent tradition in animal husbandry, cheese-making and fishing. The island's cheese factory produces the well-known sitaka (creamy cheese made from sheep's or goat's milk), but also many other products such as elaiki (dry salty mizithra), almyrotiri (graviera matured in brine), drila and kaouli, Kasiot butter . Another excellent quality agricultural product is thyme honey, with a thyme content that exceeds 95%.

The characteristic dishes of Kasiot cuisine are abundant and delicious. Perhaps the island's best-known delicacy is the tiny dolma with minced meat, a dish that you should definitely try. At festivals and weddings they serve the delicious Kasiot pilaf, rice boiled in meat broth, sprinkled with cinnamon. In the island's taverns you will find the traditional makarounes with sitaka and fried onion on top, yachni roikio (a type of weed), kolokythopoulia (stuffed pumpkin flowers) and bobbaria (stuffed entrails), while seafood lovers will try excellent cuttlefish pilaf or scarus which is eaten as it is, only the gall has been removed. The sweet flavors of the island are the stuffed moschopougia, the wooden pies that look like diples and the traditional kouloures, crispy double-baked pastries.