In Kasos you will find beautiful beaches and bays to enjoy the Aegean crystal clear waters. Certainly if you are a tranquility lover and want an authentic place away from the crowds of tourists to enjoy the sun and the sea, then Kasos is what you are looking for.

Kofteri (Fry)

Kofteri is located next to the port, it's organized and has enough tamarisk trees for those who want natural shade. It consists of fine pebbles and sand, while it's an ideal solution for those who wish to have easy access even on foot to those who live in Fry or nearby settlements.


Emporios is the beach that gathers the vast amount of people in the island, as it is an organized sandy beach with easy access quite close to Fry. In addition to the umbrellas on the beach, there are also several tamarisk trees that offer shade to the bathers. Above the sandy beach there are also taverns, for those who wish to enjoy local flavors after swimming.


It is a sandy beach with a few sunbeds and a beach bar at the edge of the beach. Due to its location (in the northwestern part of the island shortly after the airport) it is unprotected from the winds and consequently often has waves.


After Ammoua you will find a series of small beaches with pebbles and dark sand, which are exposed to the northern winds and therefore are usually uncrowded. There is no organization, so it's a good idea to bring the essentials with you.


It consists of pebbles and is the most distant beach of the island, since it is located approximately 14 kilometers away from Fry. It's a windless beach, which makes it an ideal beach whether there are northerly or southerly winds. It has some sunbeds and a canteen, as well as several tamarisk trees at the top of the beach.

Armathia (island)

The small uninhabited island north of Kasos is another reason of visiting Kasos in general. Marmara beach is located there which has been described as one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. The beach consists of fine golden sand and crystal clear blue waters. There is no organization on the island, so it would be good to have the essentials with you. To get to Armathia you should take the boat from the port of Kasos, weather permitting of course.