The reason to travel to the unspoiled Kasos is not its famous attractions, but the hospitality, authenticity and tranquility that this place offers. However, visitors will find several attractions and natural beauties worth discovering.

Kasos is famous for its festivals which take place during the whole year in favor of the Saints and gather all the residents and visitors of the island. The festivals, weddings, feasts are held with the same ritual; under the sounds of lyre and lute people are dancing the susta and zervo but also enjoying the traditional Kasiot foods.

A special place that is worth visiting during your stay is the cave of Ellinokamara, which is relatively close to the village of Agia Marina and is actually an artificial cave that was used as a place of worship.

Like in any other Greek island, here too you will find several beautiful monasteries and churches, with Agia Kyriaki definitely standing out for its panoramic view and amazing sunset. In the village of Panagia you will find all 6 churches. According to legend, when the island's organists left on foot from various villages, they met fairies who forced them to play music overtime until morning. The locals couldn't stand the noise and built a small church to exorcise them. When they saw that one was gone, they built six churches to chase them all away.

If you have time you can find many more excellent points of interest such as the Holy Monastery of Agios Mamas and the Archaeological Museum of Kasos.