Like in most non-tourist countries, in Armenia you will find products made with love from excellent raw materials, at quite affordable prices.

The most traditional product of Armenia is the famous Armenian cognac which is among the best in the world. You can plan a visit to one of the brandy factories of Yerevan (Ararat, Noy) and buy it directly from the "source". Dried fruits, herbs and spices are some of the traditional products worth trying. Wine occupies a prominent place in the hearts of Armenians, since historical sources testify that winemaking in the country developed two thousand years ago. Most of the wineries in Armenia are located along the Ararat Valley and you can visit some of them to taste the products and buy the one you like. A special cheese produced in the Caucasus by Armenian shepherds is Chechil which means "entangled" in Armenian because of its thread-like shape coiled into balls or braids that can be salted or smoked.

In the markets of Armenia you will find exquisite handicrafts such as jewelry, ceramics, wooden carved souvenirs and many more unique products made by skilled artisans.