Portugal is a country that will enchant not only your eyes but also your palate. You will taste special seafood recipes, delicious sweets, unique wines and liqueurs that you will surely remember for a long time.

Pastel de nata

The national Portuguese dessert that means "sweet with cream"; it is exactly that. You will find everywhere these small puff pastry tarts filled with cream. The most famous and by far the most delicious are at Pastéis de Belém quite close to the monastery of St. Jerome in Lisbon. Yet, there are plenty of shops where you can find excellent pastel de nata anywhere in the country.

Port Wine (Porto)

There is no chance not tasting Porto wine while being in Portugal. It is a registered trademark product of the country; a fortified wine produced from the grapes of the Douro Valley and stored until ripening in Vila Nova de Gaia, south of Porto.

Sort of Porto:

  • Ruby
  • White
  • Tawny
  • LBV
  • Vintage
  • Colheita


Ginja is the favorite liqueur of many Portuguese, made from sour cherries infused with alcohol and some other ingredients. In many places whithin Portugal, but mainly in Lisbon, Alcobaça and Óbidos there are several producers of traditional liqueur. It is served in a small glass (shot) with a whole sour cherry, while in the medieval village of Óbidos, it is served in a small cup of chocolate. Ginja of Obidos is recognized as a Product of Protected Geographical Indication


If you are in Portugal you will definitely eat cod. You will find it everywhere and in several variations. It's worth trying the special codfish either flat or stuffed with cheese. An excellent choice is the chickpea salad and roasted cod. Whichever variant you choose you will surely be pleased.

Caldo verde 

A grass soup made from cabbage or cabbage, potatoes, onions. It is served warm and is very nutritious and energizing. Try it with the addition of Chouriço, salted pork (Linguiça) or beans. This traditional soup is served at celebrations, weddings and other special occasions.