From each destination we are always look for something traditional and special to bring back home, either for us or as a gift to our beloved ones.

In Portugal you will find excellent and cork-made products. Products from refrigerator magnets to hats, shoes and handbags are the most traditional products, as Portugal is the world's first cork-producing country.

Portuguese adore seafood which is essential in their diet, so you should not be impressed by the compelling stores selling premium seafood. It is definitely an original gift choice and certainly will not go astray. Comur - Conserveira de Portugal is a good choice if you want to buy canned foods as it has stores all over the country.

Drinks have always been a good selection of gifts for relatives and friends, especially here in the country where the famous Porto wine is produced. Throughout the country you will find shops selling Porto wine but there is no better place to buy it than Porto itself, especially after visiting one of the cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia.

However, beyond the wine in Portugal you will find the Ginjinha (or Ginja) liqueur, which is made from a kind of sour cherry and is really great.

Wherever you may be in this country of the Iberian Peninsula, you will find buildings decorated with unique Azulejos ceramic tiles. So, if you wish to take a Portuguese souvenir, there is nothing better than these colorful artworks.