If you have several days in Chios, you can visit the nearby islands (Psara, oinousses) or even cesme of Turkey. 


Psara is in close proximity to Chios. It is a small island with a lot of history. The island, due to its geographical location and its heroic inhabitants, was a powerful bastion against the Ottoman fleet, which led to the destruction of Psara in June of 1824.

There are several points of interest on the island. The monastery of Panagia, which is dedicated to the Dormition of Virgin Mary, is about 10 kilometres from the port. Do not forget to visit Mavri Rachi, a landmark of Psara, as it has remained in history for the heroic resistance of 120 inhabitants, who decided to explode, when they realised they had no chance against the Ottomans. In the port there is also the bust of Constantinos Kanaris, who was one of the most important figures of the revolution of 1821.

Despite the small size of the island, there are several beaches of exceptional natural beauty. Surely the lovers of tranquility will be enchanted by this unspoilt landscape with the crystal clear waters.

Do not forget to try the delicious spaghetti with lobster and do not leave without buying the famous honey of the island.

There are daily itineraries with PSARA GLORY from Chios and on weekends from Volissos. From Chios the ship takes about 4 hours, while from Volissos only 1:30 hour.


Within an hour distance from Chios are Oinousses, a complex of nine small islands and islets, of exceptional natural beauty.

The Nautical museum is very interesting and attracts many visitors from all over the world every year. The iconic bronze statue of the mermaid, with a crown and a sailboat on the left hand, greets visitors at the entrance of the port. Also on the island there is the monument of the Silent Sailor, which is the first monument in Greece dedicated to lost sailors and has written all the names of oinousses sailors lost at sea.

In oinousses you will enjoy excellent food and especially fresh seafood.


Our frontier islands are in close proximity to Turkey, for this reason in Chios (without exaggeration) more are the Turkish visitors than the Greeks. Cesme is only 1:30 hours away from the port of Chios and is a good choice for excursions. The main attraction of Cesme is the castle, which is a relic of the Venetian domination. It is also worth visiting the church of Agios Charalambos, which is now used as an exhibition center.

In case you can spend more than one day, you have the option to take your car from Chios and explore the surrounding area. At a distance of about two hours from Cesme is the ancient Greek city of Ephesus, which is also a Unesco World Heritage site. Izmir, another city with a lot of history, is within an hour's drive from the port of Cesme.  

Wherever you choose to go to the coast of Turkey, you will definitely eat amazing food. The oriental flavors will satisfy even the most demanding palates. Here you will taste flavors that will definitely remain unforgettable.