In Chios you can find a plethora of products of excellent quality, which is due to the mild Mediterranean climate and its rich soil.

In this blessed place you will find in addition to the unique mastic, the excellent white cheese of Chios, the famous for their aroma of Chian mandarins, the delicious cherry tomatoes from Pyrgi, Ouzo and several other products of fine quality. 


When you hear Chios the first thing you think of is mastic, it is probably the only product in the world that is so interwoven with a place. This is due to the fact that this unique product is produced only in this place and especially in the southern part of the island, in the famous Mastichohoria. Mastic is a product used in many fields such as medicine, pharmaceuticals, orthodontics, perfumery, furniture and even in the manufacture of musical instruments. Mastic is sold mainly as gum.

Mastic is produced from the mastic tree and its collection is made in a traditional way.  


In Kampos of Chios are cultivated the famous Chian citrus trees, which are considered a distinct variety. If you take a stroll in Kampos you will see how several orchards are surrounded by tall walls, which protect citrus from cold and air, as it is extremely sensitive to weather conditions. The cultivation of citrus fruits was introduced on the island by the Genoese (1348-1566).

The oranges and mandarins of kampos are not consumed exclusively as they are or as juices, but are used for the production of sweets and essential oils. The juice factories give the peels from the fruit to the breeders to be used as fodder, mainly for milk-producing animals.

Cherry tomatoes

In the picturesque Pyrgi you will find the traditional cherry tomato of the village, which stands out for its taste, as it is cultivated without adding fertilizers and chemicals. After gathering the crop, they hang them on the walls and keep them in a cool and shady place all winter, without losing their taste!

White cheese of Chios

The white cheese of Chios has a soft texture and is made from full pasteurised cow or goat milk, which is produced and collected on the island. It is a cheese of great nutritional value as it contains proteins, fat, vitamins and salts. It is extremely tasty and served grilled and used mainly as a salad ingredient. The most famous brand of Chian white cheese is the Mastelo of Chios. 

Chian ouzo

In Chios you will find excellent quality ouzo, a famous product of Greece. Ouzo of this place is light and sweet. The Chian ouzo continues to be distilled by a large percentage in the small copper stills-cauldrons of the traditional family crafts.

Chios beer

In recent years in Greece several microbreweries produce beers of excellent quality. In this category belongs the brewery of Chios which produces products of unique quality and taste. Beers are unfiltered and unpasteurized. Those who love beer should definitely try one of the products of "Chios Beer".