In the endless coastline of Chios there are more than 90 beaches. Beaches of exceptional natural beauty, clean and untouched in the passage of time. I will try to give you a small picture of the amazing beaches of this unique Greek paradise.

Agia Dynami

It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Chios. It is located in the southern part of the island, near the village of Olympi and took its name from the chapel that is there. It consists mainly of sand. On hot summer days you can look for coolness in the shade of trees on the beach. The beach does not have a canteen, so be sure to have water or whatever you need.

Agia Markella

A stunning beach where it took its name from the saint and protector of the island as there was the place of her martyrdom. The beach is located in the northwestern part of the island and is about eight kilometres from Volissos. Upon arrival at the beach, on the right side of the road you will see the monastery of Agia Markellas, at this point you can leave your vehicle. The beach consists of fine pebbles and sand and has some sunbeds as well as a shower at the point where the tavern is located. In the northern part of the beach there is a path that leads to the holy water of Agia Markellas.  

About six kilometres from Mesta is one of the favorite beaches of the locals, Apothika. To reach the beach you have to park your vehicle and walk about 100 meters on the path that is on the right side of the road. At the beginning of the beach there is an excellent beach bar. For the lovers of adventure, there is the possibility of renting kayaks or even diving in the crystal waters of the bay. The beach is made of coarse sand and pebbles. 


Avlonia is located south of Mesta, about 10 minutes by car. It is a beach with fine pebbles and deep cold water. On the beach there are some sunbeds and a canteen.  


White rocks and clear blue waters compose the scenery you see as you reach Vroulidia. The southernmost beach of the island, with small pebbles, is one of the most beautiful beaches of Chios. Access by car is easy and there is plenty of parking space. At the point where you park the car there is a canteen where you can sit and enjoy the sea view. To reach the beach you have to descend a few stone steps.



The beach of Glaroi is among the busiest beaches of the island. It is located about ten kilometres north of Chios. It is organized, has showers and canteen, but because of its small length is usually crowded. It is wise to arrive early in the morning to enjoy the blue waters without a lot of people. 

One of the most secluded beaches of Chios is located between Elinda and Trachili. Leaving the main road and driving 300 meters on a dirt road you will reach the enchanting beach of Gyali and probably you will enjoy your dip in the crystal clear waters all alone. 


The beach where during the Second World War hid the glorified submarine Papanikolis, is located in the western part of the island and you need to travel 25.5 km from the city of Chios to swim in its cold and deep waters. It is advisable to have water with you, as the beach is secluded. To reach this wonderful pebbled beach you will need to drive in a dirt road in the last kilometres of the route.


In the northwestern part of the island and close enough to Volissos, is the longest beach of the island with a length of more than 2 kilometres. Due to its large size you can definitely find some place to enjoy your dives all alone. On the beach you might see some campers, maybe even some nudists.

Mavra Volia

The most famous and beautiful beach of Chios and one of the most famous Greek beaches in the world. Its fame is due to the black pebbles that compose the beach, which were created by the eruption of Psarona volcano. Close to the beach you will find several restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy your meal. The beach has showers. The black waters of the beach are quite deep and very cold.

On the south side of the beach of Mavra Volia you will find a path that leads to two beautiful beaches with the same wonderful black pebble, but with less people. In the third beach, lovers of nudism can enjoy their swim away from prying eyes. 


It is a beach that is close enough to Chora and attracts a lot of people. The fine white pebbles and the beautiful cliffs make the scenery quite beautiful. To reach the beach you have to park your car on the road and walk through a narrow path. 


The beach of Salagona is located 5 kilometres south of Olympoi and to reach the beach you have to drive several kilometres on a dirt road. It is a beautiful beach with sand and pebbles, which has a few umbrellas and a picturesque canteen. 


On the west side of the island and crossing a dirt road you will reach one of the quietest beaches of Chios, Trachili. This narrow strip of land with coarse sand and pebble is an amazing choice for those looking for secluded beaches.

Apart from the above beaches, there are still plenty of great natural beauty on this wonderful island. Beaches such as Giosonas that owes his name to the legendary Jason where the myth says that he passed through this beach during the Argonautic expedition, Nagos with the splendid seabed, the cosmopolitan Komi in the southern part of the island, which is an excellent beach for families and many more wonderful beaches await you to discover them!