In close proximity to Rhodes are several islands of Dodecanese, but ideal destinations for one-day excursion are Symi and Halki, due to frequent itineraries and of the nearby distance. You can also visit Marmaris on the coast of Turkey.


The small lady of the Dodecanese, Symi, is a place of great picturesness and a place to relax and escape for a while from the bustling Rhodes. Arriving on the island you will see the beautiful colourful mansions. Walk along the harbour and admire the cathedral of Timios Prodromos of 1838, the customs, the stone Bridge, the statue of the small fisherman and the clock of 1881. Climb the stone steps leading from Yialos to the Village to walk in the picturesque alleys and end up in the castle, where you will be enchanted by the unique view to the Aegean. At the southern end of Symi, in the village of Panormitis you will find the monastery of Panormitis, known for the miraculous icon of Taxiarchis Michael. The island has beautiful beaches to cool off (Agia Marina, Nanou, Fokospilia, Marathounta, Pedi etc.But the most famous and the most beautiful beach is Ai-Giorgis Dysalonas (accessible only by boat). In Symi you must try the delicious small shrimp.

Daily itineraries Connect Rhodes with Symi. With the catamaran you will reach Symi port in 50 minutes, while alternatively you can choose to arrive on Simi with a stopover in Panormitis (For information on routes Click here). 


Halki is the perfect place to relax and enjoy moments of real tranquility. Arriving at the port of Halki you will see the beautiful settlement, where the courtyards of the houses literally lick the sea. In Emporio it is worth seeing the church of Agios Nikolaos and the clock tower. Visit the Village, the old capital of the island and climb to the medieval castle of the Knights to enjoy the magnificent view. For your dives choose Pontamo, a beach with golden sand and crystal clear waters, which is located 10 minutes walk from the port. Alternatively you can choose the most remote beaches (Ftenagia, Yali, Kania) or even the beautiful beaches that are approached only by boat (Trahia, Areta).

To reach the island you can take the boat from Kamiros Skala, where the trip takes about 1:15 or choose the catamaran from the port of Rhodes, which takes 2 hours to approach the port of Halki.


From Rhodes you can also visit Marmaris and Fethiye of Turkey. In the beautiful Turkish Riviera you will find several interesting places to visit such as Oludeniz Beach, the elaborate tombs of Lycia in Dalyan and the Valley of the butterflies.

From the port of Rhodes the trip for Marmaris lasts 1:00 hours, while for Fethiye 1:30.