Rhodes is a world famous destination, with thousands of tourists coming every year to enjoy the wonderful sun and the sea. One more reason to visit Rhodes is the excellent quality of traditional products. The wonderful wines, the nutritious melekouni, the delicious pitaroudia and several more products deserve to be tasted during your stay on the island of Sun.

Rhodian wine

Wine lovers will find in Rhodes a small paradise as the island operates some of the largest wineries in Greece. Apart from the most famous winery of CAIR, on the island you will find several more, many of which can be visited. On the island there are two wine roads that are worth following, the first is the wine road of Ataviros with 4 wineries, while the second is the wine road of Butterflies with 2 wineries.

Rhodian souma


Souma is the traditional distillate of Rhodes and other Aegean islands. The "Tsipouro" of Rhodes is a product of distillation of marc and is prepared without adding preservatives. It is a strong drink with the alcohol content to be close to 50 ° degrees.


Pitaroudia is a traditional dish of Rhodes that you will find it in any traditional tavern of the island. It is a delicious fried meze in many variations (chickpeas, tomatoes, zucchini, etc.). 

The traditional dessert of Rhodes is offered at weddings and christenings. The main ingredients are honey and sesame and it is a snack of high nutritional value.