You may not have heard much about the Belgian cuisine, but surely here you will eat excellent food... In addition to Belgian chocolates, it is worth trying the waffles, the excellent French fries, the famous "Moules Frites" (Mussels with French fries) and many more excellent Dishes.


Belgium is undoubtedly the country of chocolate. Praline was invented here in 1912 by Jean Neuhaus, who was an immigrant from Switzerland. Wherever you taste Belgian chocolate, you will definitely be 100% satisfied. 

French fries

Wherever you are in Belgium you will find a counter that sells delicious French fries. Belgians claim that they make the best French fries in the world and many believe that the specific way of cooking the potato started here. Whatever is true, Belgians love French fries and it will be wrong to leave the country without tasting them.   


If you like waffles then you are in the right place, as the best waffles in the world are made here. Although we are used to eating the waffle as a dessert, in Belgium you can also enjoy the salty version, which is delicious.   

Moules Frites

This is the Belgian national food and you will find it in all cities. Enjoy the delicious steamed mussels with crispy potatoes without hesitation as their combination is excellent.  


An eminently traditional Belgian dish is the Waterzooi. It is a soup with main ingredient usually fish or chicken, boiled together with vegetables and spices. Surely on cold days this food will keep you warm.   

Carbonnades Flamandes 

Carbonnades Flamandes is a food made with beef, onions, mushrooms and beer. This Belgian stew is served with french fries. It is worth trying as it is a very tasty dish which you will find it everywhere.


Belgian beer cannot be missing from our list, as in this small country of northern Europe, there are about 180 breweries, which produce beer of excellent quality. Which confirms the inclusion of Belgian beer on Unesco's list of intangible cultural heritage.