Belgium is located in northwestern Europe and is bordered by France, Luxembourg, Germany and the Netherlands. The population is about 11,500.000 inhabitants and the official languages are two, Dutch and French, while a small percentage mainly in the South speak German. The country's capital is Brussels and Antwerp is the largest city with about 500.000 inhabitants. Since the first of January 1999, Belgium has adopted the euro as the currency, which replaced the Belgian franc. 

The country was declared independent on 4 October 1830, following the Belgian revolution, which began after a riot in Brussels in August of that year. Finally, following the Treaty of London, which was signed on 19 April 1839 by the European forces, including the Netherlands, Belgium was recognised as an independent country.  

Today Brussels is the administrative centre of the united Europe, for that reason it has won the unofficial title of the European Union's capital . It is a safe country, with a high level of living.  

Belgium is connected to Athens by direct flights and the trip lasts approximately 2.5 hours.