Over the centuries, many cultures passed through Malta leaving their mark on Maltese cuisine too. You will be left with vivid memories as there are flavors that stand out with a unique identity! The main ingredients are fish and rabbit dominating in their dishes and snacks like pastizzi and qassatat are excellent choices to satisfy your appetite while visiting sites.


Most probably the most traditional Maltese dish with rabbit as the main ingredient, basically consisting of two plates. 

Pastizzi & Qassatat

Pastizzi are Malta's national snack. It's about small savory pies stuffed with ricotta cheese or mashed peanuts. You may find it all over the country and eat it any time of the day. A pastizzi costs about 30-50 cents. Apart from pastizzi, there are also the traditional qassatat, which are round shaped pies and light dough. The stuffing on the qassatat is the same as the pastizzi. Of course, both snacks are likely to be found in a variety of other flavors.


Ftira is a type of bread similar to Italian ciabatta, with a round shape and a hole in the middle. It is mainly eaten as a sandwich made of Mediterranean ingredients. One variant of ftira is Gozitan ftira, which you will find basically on the island of Gozo and looks like pizza. Ingredients such as potatoes, anchovies, onions, tomatoes and capers are used to make a Gozitan ftira.

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Other tasteful Maltese flavors are the traditional Ġbejniet cheese made from goat's milk, Lampuki fish pie and Timpana, a dish that looks like our own Greek pasticcio. Maltese cuisine features a variety of soups, including a vegetable soup and the traditional "soppa tal-armla" soup. For dessert you can taste the exquisite (Italian) Kannoli as well as the Qagħaq tal-għasel (Honey Rings), which you will easily find in many places, although the Caffe Cordina in Valletta is probably the best place to try them.