It is worth buying handicrafts, from jewels to hand-blown glassware and from laces to woolen sweaters and carpets in Gozo island.  

Hand-blown glassware

If you have the chance, you should definitely visit a workshop making such products and watch firsthand the whole process. If on the other hand won't be able to go, you may find shops in Valetta selling this products and buy gifts for you or your beloved ones. 

An excellent choice would Valetta Glass factory in the region of Ta'Qali (

Filigree jewels 

If you want to buy something very special from Malta, then filigree jewelry is really what you are looking for. Part of the Maltese tradition is the technique of making jewelry of this type, gold or silver. What makes this jewelry high priced is not the material but its unique technique. The more intricate and decorated the design, the more valuable the object. You can find filigree jewelry in almost all the island's jewelers.

Malta's lace

Lace making is one of Malta's most precious traditions. In the old days, lace was used as a fashion accessory to decorate the nobles' clothes. As with many other handicrafts, the pattern of the Maltese Cross was imprinted on the lace. You can visit the Ta 'Qali crafts village, where you will be able to watch the process of making lace products, as well as other traditional handicrafts.