Sikinos is a quiet place where most people choose to relax away from the hordes of tourists. It's not about the historical places that it has to offer. However, there are several places on the island that are worth visiting.

Kastro & Chorio

Kastro, the capital of the island, is a settlement built 280 meters above sea level. Strolling at the picturesque Cycladic alleys you will find several shops such as restaurants, cafes and shops. At the Kastro Square lies the metropolis of the island, Panagia Pantanassa, which dates back from 1787, while inside you can see the wood-carved iconostasis and post-Byzantine icons of the Cretan School, which are transferred to the Byzantine Museum of Sikinos during the summer months. Opposite Kastro is the oldest settlement of the island, the Village "Chorio", where it is worth wandering around its flower-decorated alleys and visiting the Folklore Museum, housed in an old olive mill.

The Church of Episkopi

The Church of Episkopi is the most known sight of Sikinos. It is an ancient Roman mausoleum, which was converted into a Christian church in the 17th century and is one of the few ancient buildings in Greece that have been preserved in great condition, while maintaining his later additions.

Zoodochou Pigi Monastery (Chrysopigi)

It dominates over the capital of Sikinos and offers panoramic views of the entire island. You can reach by road or on foot by climbing the stairs that start from the Castle. The Monastery opens its gates to the public in the afternoon. In the shadow of the Monastery lies a beautiful church, a tribute of Odysseus Elytis to Panagia Pantochara, which was erected after his death.

Some of the best places in the world to watch the sunset are the islands of the Cyclades and certainly Sikinos has unique places to enjoy it all by yourself. The small church of Profitis Ilias and the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi are one of them. Yet, it's true that wherever you are along the road from Episkopi to Chora you can see the sun disappearing in the blue of the Aegean.

Another place that you should definitely visit is the Manali winery, built on a slope with a wonderful view of the Aegean. A restaurant, called Strofilia, with special delicious recipes operates on the site (for information click here).