Folegandros is a beautiful island with endless natural beauties, a magical country and wonderful beaches, which you should definitely explore. But all this needs energy, especially in the summer months. So here you will find delicious traditional foods and sweets, to get the necessary energy that your body needs.


These are traditional handmade pasta, which are always cooked fresh. You can find them in several taverns on the island, but the best choice is in Ano Meria, where they are usually served with red sauce or braised meat.


In Folegandros you will find souroto, a cheese product traditionally made by the cheesemakers or housewives of the island. It is soft, peppery and made from fresh goat's and sheep's milk. It is used a lot as a filling in pies but also as a side dish in salads.


Folegandriti kalasouna (onion or strained) is a delicious pie with onions, traditional soft cheese strained and handmade fluffy sheets. You will find it in both bakeries and restaurants as an appetizer.


This is a product that is traditionally served as a treat at weddings and christenings. It is not possible to leave the island without going through the pastel workshop "Apostolos-Despina" in Ano Meria, where you can see the whole traditional process of pastel production without any machine intervention. They are made only with pure ingredients (honey and sesame), without added preservatives.


Karpouzenia or Adiagourenia, so called in Folegandros, is a pie that you will find on several Cycladic islands. It is made, obviously by its name, with watermelon, but also honey, cinnamon and sesame. An excellent summer sweet pie that is worth enjoying in the square of Chora, plain or in combination with ice cream.

"Katsika" beer

Beer is a product that perfectly matches the Greek summer and the Greek cuisine, something that Folegandros microbrewery is well aware of and proves with the production of the handmade beer called "Katsika". Try it in one of the restaurants in combination with the wonderful Folegandrian food.