5 totally unique experiences in Greece


Countless of pages portraying unique experiences can be written for a country like Greece. In this article you will find 5 of the most characteristic and special experiences based on the long history, but also the incomparable natural beauty of the country.

Run the Classic Athens Marathon

Athens Marathon, which starts from the Marathon and ends at the amazing Panathinaikos Stadium in the center of Athens, is a one of a kind experience that every year attracts more and more runners worldwide considering to be one of the most important sporting events in the country. The marathon race along with this specific route was established in honor of an ancient Greek "messenger", Pheidippides, who was sent from Marathon to Athens to bring the joyful news of the victory of the Greeks against the Persians in the battle of Marathon.

Visiting Acropolis and Acropolis Museum

One of the most known and important monuments in the whole planet, is of course the Parthenon. The temple built in honor of the goddess Athena, patron saint of the city of Athens. It's the most valuable ancient monument of Ancient Greece; a true marvel of architecture. A visit to the Acropolis rock without visiting the new Acropolis Museum is incomplete. The museum is entirely dedicated to the findings of the Acropolis archeological site and is consistently on the list of the best Museums worldwide.

Hiking on Mount Olympus

According to Greek mythology, Olympus is the mountain inhabited by the Twelve Gods, while in 1938 it was the first National Park of Greece and in 1981 UNESCO declared it "Conserved Ecosystem of the World Biosphere". The mythical mountain is really a unique destination for nature lovers but not only, as it is a notorious destination in Greece for hikers, climbers and climbers.

Holidays on a Cycladic island

Greece is famous for the sun and the wonderful sea. Hence, there is no better place to enjoy both of these than the wonderful Cyclades. Whichever island you choose, you will spend the best vacation of your life without exaggeration. The reason is not only the famous Aegean Sea but also the unique architecture, the delicious cuisine and the hospitable inhabitants that make these islands top holiday destinations in the whole world.

Visit to the monasteries of Meteora

Meteora is the second most important monastic complex in Greece, after Mount Athos and one of the top places in Greece to visit. The monasteries are perched on the beautiful dark sandstone rocks and since 1988 are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Certainly the area of ​​Meteora is a predominantly religious destination but it doesn't offer only that, as the huge rocks are an excellent place for climbing, hiking and mountain biking.