An unusual summer


This summer is definitely a far cry from what we are all used to, as the new reality that reaches the limits of imagination, does not allow us to enjoy what many people say...the best season of the year. But what makes it so different from last spring and the coming autumn? The need we all have to get away from the routine and everyday life is definitely growing stronger during the summer months. We anticipate summer and escape to close or far away destinations, inside or outside our country borders. In many countries worldwide, tourism accounts for a large pie of their economy, such as Greece, Italy, Spain, which every year try to attract as many visitors as possible, even this summer! Yet, there is a paradox that differentiates this summer al lot versus what we know; the uncertainty and insecurity that is artfully cultivated and I'd like to shortly explain you below.

What makes summer wonderful and unique? The carelessness and carefreeness that it offers. But how can you be carefree when you are told to wear a mask on the trip, to have a health certificate, to take a diagnostic test and stay in quarantine if you want to go on a short vacation to a destination? It's quite contradictory to invite people to come to your country to spend a beautiful summer and on the other hand to have doctors and police be waiting as soon as someone reaches the country. Since April we have all been hearing and reading about the great opportunity arrived to go somewhere cheap and quiet, since the accommodation would have discounts to attract people and the airline would be much cheaper for the exact same reason. But what we realized was that This summer is the most expensive one in recent years. So, are we living in a time of madness or insidiousness? It is not possible to invite people to travel and in fact do everything so that they do not go anywhere. Either we are idiots or the people who take decisions for us are...although I much doubt for the latter. Things should be taken more seriously and actions more cautiously. Hence, this summer differs because it's not a totally carefree one; on the contrary it is a summer that should make us think and maybe learn something from everything we experience.