Best amusement parks in Europe


From our childhood, we all remember the longing we had to play in one of the few amusement parks existed. As years went by, amusement parks evolved into gorgeous theme parks offering unmemorable experiences to all visitors, despite age. So, here are eight of the best theme parks in Europe, for all of these who have children and all of us who wish to stay and feel like kids do...

Disneyland - Paris (France)

The largest and most known park in Europe is located almost 40km east of Paris, in a land of 22km². It is composed of parks, Park Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios attracting more than 10 million visitors per year. There you will find games and shows for all tastes and ages.


Parc Asterix - Paris (France)

This wonderful theme park, dedicated to the well-known Asterix comic of Onderzio and Gosini, attracts 2 million visitors per year and is particularly popular with the French. To visit it you have to drive about 35km south of Paris. There are several roller coasters that "big kids" will be delighted of, but unique attractions for children too. During your stay there you will come across many famous comic characters.


Futuroscope - Poitiers (France)

A different kind of park is located in Poiriers area, 330km north of Paris. Based on multimedia, futuristic and audiovisual film techniques, the park opened its gates in 1987 and since then it has been visited from about 50 million people. At Futuroscope you will enjoy highly interactive acts and shows, some of which unique throughout the world.


Europa Park - Rust (Germany)

Located in Rust city, southwest of Germany, is the second most popular theme park in Europe after Disneyland. More than 5 million visitors pay a visit every year. In Europa Park you will find plenty of roller coasters, but also splendid attractions in its 18 themed areas.


Portaventura - Salou (Spain)

Portaventura is in essence a recreational park that encloses Portaventura Park, Ferrari and PortAnventura Caribe Aquatic Park. Attracts 5 million people per year and it is located in Salou of Spain, 110km away from Barcelona. Its roller coasters and water slides will pump up your adrenaline.


Gardaland - Castelnuovo del Garda (Italy)

In northeast Italy, close to Garda lake, lies the theme park Gardaland. This park is visited by more than 3 million per year to have fun in its beautiful space. It has many attractions including roller coasters, aquarium and 4D cinemas.


Efteling - Kaatsheuvel (Holland)

One of the olderst theme parks on the world is that of Efteling, located in Kaatsheuvel of Netherlands, about 110km south of Amsterdam. Most of the park is dedicated to fairytales and myths, where you will find great roller coasters and plenty of games that will thrill visitors of all ages.


Legoland - Billund (Denmark)

Legoland is close to the first Lego factory and much closer to the city airport. Opened its gates in 1968 and since then more than 50 million people have visited it. The park consists of 9 theme areas in all of which you may find roller coasters and more to have great time. The Mini Land is the heart of Legoland as you will find monuments made of millions of Lego boulders at a 1:20 scale.