9 + 1 “must have” to travel


It's not necessary to carry your wardrobe every time you go on a trip...let alone if it is a short one! Yet, some things cannot be left behind and it's a really pity to find out about them when is too late...

1. Passport/ID. Never leave the building without a document certifying who you are! Check it before closing the door, a last-minute look doesn't cost a thing but it could be a travel-saver!

2. Money. Where do you thing you go without money in your pockets? Better to have some cash with you, not just your credit card. Even if you travel abroad, where euros mean nothing, you may need them out of the blue.

3. Hand-luggage. It's nice wondering around without weight... but having all your stuff in a suitcase to be given away in the check-in, it's not such a good idea. There is always the likelihood to lose your suitcase.

4. Change of clothes. Well, toss a T-shirt and underwear in your handbag. Nothing should be go wrong and be left with nothing to change, i.e. a stain or even lose your suitcase and be forced to stay without fresh clothes for 1 day or more!

5. Battery Chargers. Is it possible not to be able to communicate due to no battery? Certainly no! You'd better get an adaptor as well so as to be sure that you are 100% eligible to charge your device everywhere. There are plenty of small and cheap enough in the market.

6. Handkerchiefs. Very useful commodity in a time of need. Versatile and of course really light!

7. Medicines. A simple analgesic or pain reliever may be necessary. Definitely pharmacies are everywhere, but better not to be subject to tests, especially when abroad!

8. Toothbrush & toothpaste. It may sound cliché...but where to go without toothbrush? Please mind your co-traveller too..!

9. Book/Crossword puzzle. Ok...this one is not necessary; still, I get really bored during a trip. How much can you possible sleep, or talk with your fellow next, or starring out of the window? Take a pocket-size book on board and make the time pass gently.

10. Nice mood. How many times was a trip boring, tiring, with setbacks and headwinds? Even then, there is no reason of being grumpy; it ruins yours and other's mood. Stay positive and keep travelling!