Get in touch with nature in these 3 ideal places in Athens


Organizing a countryside day trip nowadays becomes harder and harder as living in a big city, like Athens, doesn't give you much of a choices or even time to do so. In the last months and with this abnormal situation we are all experiencing, with the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, there was a greater need for many people to escape from everyday life and get in touch with nature. As strange as it may seem, in the last year with the ban on interregional roads, I had the opportunity to get to know places in Attica only few kilometers far from the center; places I had no idea of their existence and probably would not have discovered if not lockdowns. During the last year I explored several parts of Attica countryside, known and unknown, and I'd like to present you 3 places that are not among the most well-known but are definitely worth visiting.

Rapentosa Forest

Between Stamata and Dionysos lies the public forest of Rapentosa; an oasis of green, few kilometers from the city center. You can get lost in the dirt roads and relax under the plane trees near the Rapentosa waterfall or even cool off on one of the small platforms, just before the waterfall.

Valanaris Watefall

At the base of Penteli's mountain, so called Drafti, stands a beautiful waterfall. An interesting choice for those who wish to spend a few moments of relaxation in an environment of unique natural beauty. If you like diving in rivers and waterfalls, don't hesitate to bring your swimsuit during your visit, as this is one of the few places in Attica where you can enjoy moments of coolness in the stream waters.

Poikilo mountain

Just 15 kilometers from the capital center is Mount Poikilo; a low mountain, between Mount Parnitha and Mount Aegaleo. In Poikilo there is an extensive hiking network, with clean and clear trails, which you can explore either on foot or on your bike.