Low budget travel tips


Having traveled in many places within Greece and abroad I can assure you that trips aren't a privilege for a wealthy man only. This is why I'm writing down some tips to go wherever you dream without spending a fortune. 

Flexible dates

Air tickets are definitely a notable cost which in many cases can be the reason of a non-go decision, considering that this expense will be made solely to reach your destination. Hence, avoid weekends or national holidays. Check upon available companies' discounts and then choose your days carefully to saving up for your trip. You may search websites like skyscanner.    

Choosing accommodation

Another considerable cost is of course accommodation. The place we'll choose to stay during our vacations is definitely important, yet we spend less time in the room than outside of it! You may stay outside the city center or tourist areas, but have easy access to the sights you wish to visit (metro, buss stations). Doing so, you will find accommodation in logical prices.   

Take only the necessary

Commonly, we are used to carry things that we won't even put them out of our luggage for the whole trip which may be proved costly. Usually companies offer better prices if travelling with a cabin-baggage; pretty easy to do, especially for short-period vacations. 

Use public transportation or your feet 

More than few grab a taxi to get around the city, a costly choice in most of the countries. Opt for public transportation or go on foot, it's money-saving but also it's the best way to explore the town.


It may sounds boring, but planning will spare you time and money as to see everything you wish. For instance, pre-booking museum tickets via internet is usually a cheaper way to visit it, there are also days with free entrance. Proper plans always stand for our benefit.