One perfect destination for each month


Surely, you will have wondered when is the right moment, the right month, to visit a place and many are the cases that you chose wrong! Every destination has its right timing that you should be there, as to have a splendid time. For instance, no one would wish to go to Peru, to visit the famous Inca Trail and be closed, or happen to be on a Greek island on a raining period...This is how a dream was lost, money were lost plus your precious time.

By carefully choosing travelling dates you can take the most out of every journey. So, I thought to offer you the ideal destination for each month, in order to gain unique experiences and memories by the place itself.

January - Cambodia

A destination out of the ordinary lies to be discovered and it's not other than the sacramental Cambodia. This land is located between Thailand and Vietnam in South Asia. The main reason to visit Cambodia is to see the magnificence of the famous Angkor Wat; the largest religion construction globally. January is the best period to travel in Khmer's land, as humidity is at low levels with only few rainy days.

February - Tanzania

A trip to the pristine African nature is most probably one of many peoples dream and there no better option than Tanzania. One of the most spectacular pictures to capture is in Serengeti national park, where the biggest animal immigration of the planet takes place. Although the weather is too hot, February can be a good month to watch his phenomenon.

March - Jordan

Jordan is an excellent choice to discover the incomparable beauty of Middle East. It's a safe and welcoming country, with countless interesting sights while the ancient city of Petra is definitely outstanding. Even though the country seems small, there are many climate discrepancies between South and North. Therefore, if you plan to explore it, the best month is March when the weather is mild enough.

April - Japan

A journey in the city of contradictions. One of the most technologically advanced countries and on the same time one of the most traditional. Japanese are somehow old-fashioned with great culture. We have combined cherry trees with the Land of Rising Sun. Yet, there is also wisteria flower which blossoms in April creating a magical picture.

May - Ireland

A destination full of natural beauties and picturesque places. Nature lovers will find their paradise in Ireland. So, spring is the best season to step on the beautiful country of Celts, when the weather is sweet and the nature at its best! Opt for May to visit Ireland and discover their lakes, castles, cliffs and wonderful places that this country gives with both hands.

June - Russia

Russia is a huge country with unusual beauty and a treasure tore of interests. The land of Tsars although cold has a way to capture its visitors. Iconic churches with colorful domes, worldwide known museums, special food and history are enough reasons to visit it. For unique experiences, June is "the" month to enjoy White Nights in the lovely Saint Petersburg.

July - Greece

Greece attracts many tourists from all over seeking for moments of pleasure and peace in its beautiful blue beaches. If you choose visiting Greek Islands on July, you will not be overwhelmed by throngs and the prices will be quite low too. Temperature is at high levels and you will definitely relish swimming under the wonderful sun.

August - Peru

Peru lies on the top of the bucket "travel" list for someone who adores travelling, for people who dream to embark on such an adventure. Those who managed to visit it talk about life-enhancing experience! August, when the weather is dry in Peru, is the right time to visit Machu Picchu on foot or Amazon. You will be left with unforgettable pictures!

September - Italy

One of the most beautiful countries all over the world cannot be missed by any travel list. A place with plenty of monuments and endless natural beauties that offers splendid experiences to those who wish to enjoy see or mountain! In addition it is a top gastronomic destination worldwide. The perfect time to visit Italy is September; mild weather, not too hot not cold not too rainy.

October - Iceland

Iceland; a country that stands out, totally different than the rest, where awesome and unreal landscapes are waiting to be discovered. Apart from volcanoes, geysers, waterfalls and glaciers, there is an extraordinary phenomenon, very rare that if you are lucky enough you may have the opportunity to gaze. It is most likely to witness Aurora Borealis during October.

November - Cuba

A proud country in the Caribbean Sea, vigorously resisting the capitalist system the last 60 years, is waiting to send you back in time. There are much more beautiful countries that Cuba, yet, not only the natural landscapes and attractions will charm you in this place, but the history and aura of its inhabitants too. Travelling in Fidel's land, the land of Che and its cigars, be sure that you will live a strong emotionally lifetime experience. The best month to be present in this revolutionary country is November, as you will avoid heavy rain and high tourist seasonality of next months.

December - U.S.A.

The most festive month, just before welcoming New Year's Eve, one destination has such a connection with this period; New York. Despite the bitter cold, the city of New York puts on its festive clothes and changes character. Should you travel in metropolis of Christmas you become child again, at least for a while!