Where to go and what to do when travelling to Germany


Hey there! You might not know me yet but you will pretty soon!

I am Anna, an outdoor loving mom, spending as much time as possible exploring the world with my family. I am so happy that Nikos picked me to contribute to his travel blogger project. As part of that I will share with you some of my favorite spots throughout Germany, the country I am living in.

Sharing travel experiences and giving recommendations where to go and what to do is by the way something I am doing regularly - especially with a family focused perspectives. My vision is to inspire as many families as possible to travel, explore the world and find beauty and relaxation in the nature that surrounds us.

If you wanna get inspired as well, check out my Instagram profile what.anna.sees or our German family and travel blog Patchwork-Deluxe.

But now, without further ado, here are my favorite places to visit across Germany!A list that is changing continuously since I still haven't been to all the places I'd love to and we are always finding new beautiful spots whilst traveling around.

My Top 3 Hot Spots to visit when in Germany

Castle Eltz and the Eifel

You might already know this location since it's approached by Instagramers from all around the world! Anyways, the castle Eltz is worth a trip and do not miss to take a look inside as well!

My recommendation is to focus your trip to this area not only to Eltz itself but pack your hiking shoes and explore the nature of the Eifel region!

Bogenberg and the panoramic view of the Donau

We been to this unique place by pure destiny. Haven't heard of it before, didn't even know that we'll make a stop there until the moment when we had to find a place to stay for the night on our trip south. If you pass by you have to make a stop!

Seriously. You have to!
The view is incredible and the sunsets are a true beauty. 

Königssee and the alpes

This hot spot is probably all about the combination: a beautiful lake and the impressive alpes. It's surely worth taking the small "hike" to the well known photo spot but also plan some more time, drive a couple of minutes through the mountain scenery and pick out one of the trails to really enjoy the alpes.

Besides my Top 3 favorite spots to visit in Germany, there are of course further beautiful places in Germany to see and enjoy. If you have the chance, stop by at any of those unique and great places:


Kaiser Friedrich Memorial
Rottenburg ob der Tauber
Erpeler Ley

Coming to an end now, there is only one recommendation I'd love to share with you - and this is for traveling in general: take your time and be spontaneous! 

Hope you have fun checking out my hot spots above, safe travels and would love to hear from you through any of my channels!