Why travelling?


Countless are the moments that even I have tried to understand what makes me want to travel more and more, always somewhere else, always somewhere far. Yet, no matter how much I wonder what my motive is, sometimes seems unfathomable. It's not just for fun, not for pleasure or out of curiosity, like plenty of us tend to believe, but it's an inner force that drives me to travel. I prefer spending my money on a journey, meeting new places and cultures, living a different reality than my daily routine.

Traveling nowadays is considered as useless or pure luxury by many. On the contrary, replacing your car every now and then or acquiring country houses is a necessity...Escaping from this cast of mind is maybe one of the reasons why I am travelling; meeting people who live their lives to the fullest just because! It is unconceivable seeing joyful faces in Third World countries while miserable in the developed ones. The more we have the less happy we become.

I travel because I feel the need to meet happiness in simple things, to see the beauty of the world and realize that my country is better than I think.

I travel because it makes me feel young again, discovering new things in every step I make, clearing my head from day-to-day madness.

I travel because only in this way I am able to realize how many all of us have in common, no matter how far we are.

I travel because only through my journeys I can reach a better version of myself!