World’s best cuisines


Food was and will be an important part of a trip. The purpose of each trip is to get to know the folklore and the culture of each destination. Therefore, the cuisine reflects largely on how people leave there and gives their culture identity. That's why I'm going to write my own list of the 8 best cuisines in the world.   


Greek cuisine,the epitome of Mediterranean food cannot be omitted by this list. Greece probably produces the best olive oil in the world, a very important ingredient in the Greek food culture. With ingredients such as virgin olive oil, feta cheese, Greek delicacies, Mediterranean seafood and delicious local meats, dining here is definitely a culinary experience.


  • 1. Greek Salad
  • 2. Τzatziki
  • 3. Souvlaki
  • 4. Μousaka
  • 5. Galaktoboureko


A trip to the Land of the Rising Sun is lifetime experience that applies also in food sector. It's no coincidence that raw fish with rice or even plain fish has become so popular around the world. The Japanese are fond of traditions and precision which also practicing on the way many meals are prepared. The gastronomic experience begins not only at the time of consumption, but at the time of preparation of the meal.


  • 1. Miso Soup
  • 2. Sushi
  • 3. Sashimi
  • 4. Kaiseki
  • 5. Tempura   


Indian kitchen is so special, really tasteful and widely recognizable in the whole planet. What makes it so unique is the emphasis on spices and flavors, which are the key ingredients in almost every recipe, while making Indian cuisine one of the spiciest in the world.


  • 1. Biryani
  • 2. Tandoori chicken
  • 3. Naan
  • 4. Samosa
  • 5. Kulfi


This is the most popular cuisine in the world. What makes it stand out is its simplicity in the preparation of dishes, the pure ingredients and the wonderful taste. Italian dishes such as spaghetti and pizzas are quite often found in the diet of many families.


  • 1. Carbonara
  • 2. Pizza Napolitan
  • 3. Risotto
  • 4. Lasagne
  • 5. Tiramisu


Chinese cuisine is one of the most interesting in the world; a cuisine that combines great sweet, sour, salty, spicy and bitter. It is definitely one of the most beloved cuisines on the planet owing to its diversity.


  • 1. Beijing duck
  • 2. Dumplings
  • 3. Spring Rolls
  • 4. Bitter sweet chicken or pork
  • 5. Gong bao chicken


A kitchen that can satisfy even the most demanding pallets. The recipes of the Lebanese cuisine are exuberant and intense, but at the same time balanced and extremely nutritious. The main ingredients are vegetables, spices and legumes, and meat dishes are delicious.


  • 1. Falafel
  • 2. Baba Ghanoush
  • 3. Manakeesh
  • 4. Shawarma
  • 5. Kunefe


This kitchen may be based on simple ingredients, especially vegetables, fruits and legumes, but they are combined in such a way that each bite looks like a real firework. It's a cuisine with a history going back thousands of years, from the Mayan and Aztec, to the Spanish conquerors.


  • 1. Burritos
  • 2. Enchiladas
  • 3. Fajitas
  • 4. Tacos
  • 5. Guacamole


You can now find Thai food in most western cities. It is an exotic cuisine with intense flavors, typical Asian food, which is clearly influenced by those from neighboring countries.


  • 1. Pad Thai
  • 2. Massaman curry
  • 3. Tom Yum Goong
  • 4. Som Tam
  • 5. Panang Gai